Reset your metabolism and turn yourself into a fat burner instead of a fat storer!
What is the Global Weight Loss Program?

What if we could show you a system of eating so different than anything else you’ve ever done to lose weight? What if you could change how you look in just 10 days? That’s right, within 10 days of using L.A. Slim’s weight loss drops, you will feel more energetic, lose weight, and see noticeable results in your most stubborn areas of fat.

Believe it or not, the first 2 days of our program includes you eating as much of the foods that you love that are high in fat and high in calories. If you want to lose weight, you have to trick your body into burning fats and oils.

This program will reset your hormones and metabolism. Your brain controls the release of fat burning hormones after each meal. Every time you eat something there are 2 types of hormones which are released into your blood stream, and together they control your fat burning and fat storage for your body.

These hormone levels are controlled by the TYPES of food you eat. Our program will heal your cells and improve your body’s natural metabolism. You will achieve weight loss by fixing the underlying problem for fat storage, not just simply by cutting calories or cutting our certain foods! These dream drops will manipulate your hormone levels, so your body will produce a greater quanitity of the fat burning hormones, while the fat storing hormones are minimized.

Included in our program, is the Liquid Nutrition System that increases your energy, metabolism and provides key minerals for your body to rebuild.

What will you be eating during the program?

Certain foods can switch your fat burning from On to OFF. Your meals will consist of healthy foods, such as chicken, beef, fish, vegetables and fruit.

Why People Fail to Lose Weight?

Most people simply deprive their bodies of certain foods in an attempt to lose weight. This approach is not realistic, and most people fail at diets that eliminate certain foods. Many people procrastinate in when they will begin their “diet”. Why would anyone want to remain overweight until next month, or even next week? Getting thin today allows you to feel better right now, wear clothes that make you look great, and most importantly get your body healthy.

Take the first step, and call us today to find out more about our weight loss drops. Come in for a free consultation and in just 10 days you will shed that stubborn weight and have a more attractive body.

So we encourage you to pull out your calendar and circle today’s date. Then, count 10 days and circle that day too. That day will be come very fast, and why wouldn’t you choose to change your life forever before that time comes?

Why Choose L.A. Slim’s Global Weight Loss Program?

Have you tried to lose weight in the past and keep gaining it back? Has your weight loss journey been too slow or too difficult to stay on track? This program is the SMART choice

  • No Pharmaceuticals or Hormones
  • Burn Stored Fat. The program targets fat loss in your most problem areas
  • No exercise required
  • Fast, measurable results: Lose up to a 1lb a Day!
  • No Side Effects
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